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binh cable stay bridge hai phong city vietnam


Owner : Haiphong People’s Committee
Main Contractor : IHI-Shimizu-Sumitomo Mitsui Joint Operation


The Binh Bridge is a symmetrical dual plane stay cable bridge with a total length of 460 m, consisting of a main-span of 260 m and side-spans of 100 m each. The approach bridges have a length of 410 m (50m + 6 x 60m) on either side of the stay cable bridge. The composite steel-concrete deck has a width of 22.5 m. The Pylon structure is 101.6 tall, inclined at 8 degrees with 2 legs (diamond shape 3.5 x 3.5m from Lift 5) per pylon connected by a cast in-situ cross beam at an elevation of 80 m. Broad base legs (12.675 m x 6/3.5 m) for the first 4 lifts, each with a height of 6 m. Top of pylon anchorage is composite steel box and concrete. Spiral staircases are installed inside the pylon legs.


binh cable stay bridge hai phong city vietnam

Chi Thang's Scope of Works

Acting as member of the Main Contractor team. Subcontract negotiations and subcontract document preparation on behalf of the Main Contractor for piling works, cofferdam works, pilecap works and pier works from abutment to abutment i.e. 16 pier location and 2 pylon location. Providing support to Main Contractor for dealings with Employer, Engineer, subcontracors and MOTC. Securing approval from MOTC for relocation of bored piles under Pylon.

Project Management for the full pylon construction including supply of pylon manager, construction manager, plant manager, site engineers, foreman, and tower crane operators, and equipment operators. The team is used to manage the full construction of the pylon including concrete works, rebar works, formwork, post-tensioning, temporary and permanent steel fabrication, erection works, etc. Scope includes design and engineering involving “construction engineering” for pylon and superstructure; design, drafting and fabrication control of all temporary steel works (see list below), design and drafting of rebar, concrete geometry, post-tensioning, all permanent and temporary items, cast –item items; design and layout of all mechanical, pneumatic, water, electrical setup for the pylon construction, installation, operation and dismantling of all equipment. Design and trial mixes for hyperplasticised concrete (Grade 50). All planning, works program, methodology, construction sequence, lifting sequences, quality control, document control for the pylon construction, all survey works.

Supply of permanent materials including DSI Post-tensioning Bars, Ancotech Rebar couplers.
Supply of equipment including DOKA formwork systems, Grundfos water pump, Post-tensioning jack and grout pump, Temporary strut jacking system, Cross beam support sand jacks.

Importer for Pylon construction equipment (tower crane, elevator, vibrator, accessing line, safety system.

Temporary structure design and fabrication control, installation, operation and dismantling of elevator ties, tower crane ties, air, water, electric, working platforms, emergency access/man box, rebar jigging system, casting platform, waste/rubbish disposal, yard system, rebar lifting system, 2.5 m3 concrete skip, concrete distribution system, rebar cutting/bending/storage/movement system, post-tensioning, gang box, concrete spacer system, chamfer system, survey tower, C-Frame, 3 nos. tower leg temporary strut, cross beam support system, steel anchorage box support system.

Installation, operation and dismantling of generators (4 nos 220 kVA), air compressors (2 nos. 390 cfm), Alimak hoists (2 nos), Tower Crane 180 ton metre (2 nos), 25 ton Rough terrain Crane (2 nos), 11 ton HIAB truck (2nos).

Our Services
- Equipment Renting
- Design of Temporary Structure
- Installation and Dismantle Services
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